25. The Parable of Lost Things
Bible and Homosexuality: An LGBTQ Positive ViewJanuary 30, 2024x
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25. The Parable of Lost Things

Pastor Danielle Parrish explores the profound biblical narrative of lost sheep, coins, and sons, emphasizing God's inclusive love.

She challenges traditional interpretations by asserting the equal importance of women in Jesus' teachings, presenting a powerful message of inclusivity and unconditional love.

Drawing from her deep understanding of first-century Jewish cultural, she takes you on a journey through Luke 15, highlighting the interconnectedness of lost sheep, lost coins, and a prodigal son, viewing these parables as one continuous narrative that invites everyone to God's table of celebration.

Danielle Parrish is the lead pastor of Spark Church, in Palo Alto, California: www.spark.church

Scriptures quoted: • Luke 15 • Ephesians 3:14-19 • Galatians 3:28

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