16. Some Are Born Gay: Created in God's Image
Bible and Homosexuality: An LGBTQ Positive ViewDecember 15, 2022x
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16. Some Are Born Gay: Created in God's Image

“For, there are some who have been gay from birth, so knit together in their mother's wombs and created in God's image.”

This is a modern, amplified translation of Jesus' words from Matthew 19: 11-12 and the topic of this episode.

Scripture quoted:

· Matthew 19: 11-12 (ESV)

· Matthew 19: 11-12 (King James Version)

· Matthew 19: 12 (Multiple translations)

· Matthew 19: 12 (original Greek)

· Psalm 139: 13

· Genesis 1: 27

Quotes and URLs

Dr. Jack Rogers quote:

…"eunuchs who have been so from birth," is the closest biblical term we have for someone who today we refer to as homosexual.

Reverend Jeff Miner quote:


In the ancient world, including ancient Jewish culture as reflected in the Talmud, natural or born eunuchs… they were associated with stereotypically effeminate, characteristics and behavior… As we have also seen eunuchs were commonly associated with homosexual desire.

Pastor Rick Brentlinger quote:

Historical evidence beside what Jesus said, indicates that gay, lesbians and transgendered people were included in the group known as eunuchs.

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