15. Isaiah’s Great Blessing
Bible and Homosexuality: An LGBTQ Positive ViewNovember 03, 2022x
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15. Isaiah’s Great Blessing

We look at the traditional view of Isaiah’s blessing, which is surprisingly affirming of sexual minorities. Join me as we look at the great blessing in Isaiah 56: 4-5.

Scripture quoted:

· Isaiah 56: 4-5

· Matthew 19: 11-12

· Galatians 3: 28 (NASB)

· Leviticus 21: 18-20

References and URLs:

Quote from Janet Edmond

“It is difficult to overstate the significance of this story about the Ethiopian eunuch to our modern quest for Biblical insights into homosexuality. The Holy Spirit could have chosen anyone to be the first Gentile Christian, but the Holy Spirit chose an African, sexual minority who showed faith.

“The Bible’s unmistakable message here is one of inclusiveness and of God’s love for all people, regardless of their sexual preferences.”

Bridgeway Bible Commentary by Don Fleming:

“When the Jews returned to Jerusalem, some Gentile converts returned with them. Among these were several eunuchs, possibly people who were previously connected with the palaces in Babylon and Persia. The law of Moses made it plain that eunuchs were to be excluded from the tabernacle worship, probably to discourage the Israelites from making their own people eunuchs (Deuteronomy 23:1). But in the new Jerusalem all foreigners, eunuchs or otherwise, who honour God and keep his law should be allowed to worship in the temple along with godly Israelites”

“Love and obedience towards God, not physical or national characteristics, are the important things in God’s sight. The temple is for the use of all people, not just Jews, because God’s mercy is for all people”

Barn's Bible Commentary:

“For thus saith the Lord unto the eunuchs - Even the eunuchs, who have hitherto been excluded from the privileges of the people of God, and who have been regarded as a separated and degraded people, shall be admitted to the same privileges as others.”

Enduring Word Commentary:

“This also prophesies the passing of the dominance of the Levitical order.”

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